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Our commitment to your safety is #1.

We already, as a daily practice, follow universal precautions as outlined by the CDC, OSHA, and ADA standards of infection control. Safety is always our number one focus. Our high standard of care ensures that your trust and safety are never compromised. Check out the COVID-19 guideline update from our dental practice to keep you safe.

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Dental Veneers
If you have a chip on your tooth or half a broken tooth and are wondering how you can repair it without any sort of invasive dental procedure then dental veneers are just what you need. If you haven't heard about a dental veneer or you want to learn more about it, please feel free to visit our office at Henricksen Family Dental so our professionals can give you all the information you need.


Dental veneers are strong “shells” placed over your existing teeth. This is often done to fix an injury or to improve the aesthetics of your teeth by creating a more uniform appearance. One common misconception about dental veneers is that they are not going to last a long time as it is a non-invasive fixture. The truth is that although they are non-invasive, veneers are in no way temporary or weak. Not only are they securely bonded to your natural teeth, but they are placed very close to your gums so that they have the support of tooth upon which they are placed. This helps the veneer and your natural tooth bond to function as a single entity. When this happens, your veneer becomes strong and durable, making it a popular cosmetic treatment.


Placing a veneer is a non-invasive process. This makes it a great choice for people who are not comfortable with more involved dental procedures. There is no recovery time associated with the placing of a veneer, either, so if you are crunched for time and you need to repair a broken tooth, a veneer is a great choice. Because it is a non-invasive but a permanent fixture, veneers are easy for you to get used to. You will eventually forget all about it as your veneers function just like your natural teeth. Veneers do not require any special maintenance, making it convenient for you to maintain them and keep them in good shape.

Great for High-Risk Patients

Veneers are an ideal solution for high-risk patients such as diabetics or people who have high blood pressure. When it comes to these patients, we try to avoid invasive procedures, such as dental implants, as much as possible. There are various reasons for this. Firstly, the healing time for a high-risk patient is always longer than it is for patients who are not high risk. This increases the chances of infection and other complications. Secondly, when somebody has high pressure it can be difficult to control the bleeding and performing any invasive dental procedure in such a situation can be very risky. Our professionals highly recommend non-invasive procedures for such patients because they are safer. At the end of the day, the health of a patient comes first and our professionals can design veneers that are natural-looking, strong, and functional.

With so much to offer, there is no reason why you should shy away from getting a veneer today. Please give us a call at (360) 740-2119 or visit our office at Henricksen Family Dental to begin the placement process and have your veneers designed to suit your needs.

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