What is Bioclear?

Bioclear is a cosmetic and restorative method that Dr. Henricksen may use instead of traditional fillings, bondings, and veneers. It has a completely natural finish and translucency, making your restoration look better than traditional methods. Plus, it lasts longer than traditional composites, porcelain, or amalgams.

Amazing results using the BioClear system

How does Bioclear work?

Bioclear uses thin, clear anatomic tooth forms that are fitted around the tooth that needs to be repaired. These forms are then injected with warm composite resins into the anatomic tooth form, which allows the composite to flow around all areas of the tooth. Once everything is in place, the composite is hardened with light, and then the anatomic tooth form is removed. The structure is then polished. The result is a very strong tooth that looks and feels just like a normal tooth.

What can Bioclear do for me?

Just like fillings, bondings, and veneers would, Bioclear changes the look of your smile into something you can be more confident in. Bioclear reshapes uneven or small teeth, repairs chips and breaks, fixes gaps, corrects stained or discolored teeth, and much more. The best part is, since Bioclear does not require much preparation of your natural tooth structure, there is less risk of damage to or weakening of your teeth.